Saturday, January 19, 2008

Your Email Copywriting Will Send Your Business Soaring - OR - Into The Business Graveyard

Online Marketing is pretty much DOOMED without using effective, compelling copywriting. It s funny, looking in on the online marketing world. I see all this beautiful technology designed to effortlessly take a prospect to the ultimate sale. However, what good is technology, what good is all the software investment... if a business cannot seem to draw enough qualified clients and prospects? And... the problem looms even larger when there ARE qualified prospects knocking on the door! You see, what does one DO with them once they have raised their hands, have shown some form of interest? Quite simply --- weak, uncaring, sloppy email and electronic web writing, is at the heart of where most businesses, falter. And it is not as if there isn t the money to make this part of their business power along. There is plenty of money. However, it is mostly directed in the wrong place. Of course, research and development needed in ALL businesses in order to bring newness to the market. Though, what use is it if no-one gets to hear about it? And that is where the problem also exists. There are plenty business owners who feel the marketing, and especially the copywriting, is the black sheep of the family; something that should to be tended to only when needed, when it s necessary. Nothing could be further from the truth. Copywriting and Marketing is THE MOST IMPORTANT function a business can engage in. If you remove the sales messages in print, on the web, on audio, on video... the business crumbles. NOW is the time for business owners to get smart about how much profit they re leaving on the table, and that too, on a daily basis. And, should now seriously consider investing in the learning or acquiring the skills of turning mere words, into serious sales messages; turning prospects and those who are interested and curious, into ongoing, paying clients. There s a wealth of untapped potential for every market and every business category. Direct response email copywriting can turn the switch and propel a business from merely surviving, to being a super, profit making enterprise. Raja C. Hireker Raja C. Hireker is a publisher and editor of the Marketing and Life Strategies Newsletter Swinging for The Fences He has ghostwritten over 130 articles and is a Professional Self Development Coach and a sought after advertising and email copywriter. You can go to for more information. You can also reach him by fax/voicemail on 44 208 764 1085, or by email on He lives in London, UK. For FREE Email Copywriting Course, send blank email to .

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