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Free Christian Ringtones

Ringtones, which are an exclusive feature of cell phones, are custom and personalized ways for people to change the sounds they hear when their cell phones ring. Early on, cell phones only used a simple “ring, ring” tone to alert users of incoming calls. However, because the cell phone technology has improved over the years, the ability to add different kinds of ringtones was added as a standard feature on most phones, and many other different ringtones were invented. One of those many ringtones was the Christian ringtone. Christian ringtones are popular all over the world. Moreover, there are numerous individuals that are ready to download these Christian ringtones and make them a part of their cell phone. The best part of these ringtones is that many of them are completely free. The free Christian ringtones give the user the ability to hear his favorite Christian music or song in the form of a ringtone. It is not essential for someone who downloads these free Christian ringtones to be Christian. Anybody and everybody all over the world can use them, if they are so inclined. The free Christian ringtones are an easy way for people to spread the goodness of Christian music and songs. It is a delight to have one of these free Christian ringtones on your cell phone. Free Christian ringtones can be found in polyphonic as well monophonic types. Religious songs, hymn songs and music about Christ are the major types of free Christian ringtones. There are other free Christian ringtones by Christian musicians and bands like Joy Williams, Planet Shakers, the Parachute Band and Justin Michael that the user can download. These free Christian ringtones that do not carry any hidden cost, can be downloaded by contacting the cell phone service provider, or by simply logging onto free ringtone Web sites. Moreover, if you are good at composing basic music notes, you can compose your own Christian ringtone using either your phone, or a Web-based application that allows people to create their own ringtones. is a website that offers visitors the ability to find free ringtones and specific information on free christian ringtones .

How to Make Hair Grow Faster

When it comes to hair care, one of the most asked questions is how to make hair grow faster. People want to know how to grow their hair from very short to long quickly. The simple answer to this question is that you cannot make your hair grow faster. There is no magic quick fix that will make hair grow faster. The average growth rate on most people is half an inch per month or a maximum of six inches a year. Having said that, you should keep in mind that there are some things that can boost the growing potential of your hair. There are some things that will help you grow strong and healthy hair. Tips on how to have healthy hair - Use a mild shampoo specifically designed for your hair type. - Use a conditioner after every shampoo specifically designed for your hair type. - Get regular trims in order to get rid of split ends. - Avoid use of hot water and hot blow dryers. - Take vitamins and minerals including B-6, biotin, Inositol, folic acid, beta-carotene, magnesium, sulfur, silica and zinc. - Because hair is protein your diet must include protein-rich foods that can lead to improved hair growth. - Get rid of or reduce smoking and caffeine. - Get plenty of sleep so your body can grow your hair. There are also certain things that can slow down hair growth, such as excessive stress, illness, some medications, poor hair care regimen, poor diet, and male and female pattern hair loss. This article would not be complete without mentioning a technological breakthrough designed to fulfill your desire for thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. This innovative technology is so revolutionary that is currently undergoing clinical testing at a United States Medical Institution, and has international patents waiting. If you want to learn more about this new technology that will improve the growing potential of your hair click here: stimulate hair growth .

Data Recovery For Laptop Hard Drives

If you compare the hard drive of a desktop with the hard drive of a laptop, the only difference you will notice is the size. Their technologies are the same, but this size variation makes the laptop hard drive more difficult. Still, there are companies that have the required equipment for such fine data recovery procedures. Because laptops provide the ability to work anywhere they are now preferred over the usual desktop work stations. This leads to a lot of important data being stored on their hard drives. While their hard drives are no weaker than the drives the old work stations had, they are however highly susceptible to damage. That s when you will need to call in a laptop data recovery specialist. The best way to choose a data recovery specialist is to allow the required time frame to make the research and correct choice. To do this, you will need to recognize the symptoms of probable hard drive problems. When choosing a recovery specialist, by checking multiple companies and comparing their price statements you can avoid those that will try to use your need for help right away. The data recovery company should have sterilized facilities for full recovery procedures. The most common signs that a damaged hard drive provides are ticking and clicking noises when access is required to stored data. These are mechanical damage symptoms. There are also logical errors that can cripple the booting process of the computer or that will disable the reading of certain files that are stored in damaged sectors If the problem of the drive shows signs that the issue might be of mechanical nature, drive not spinning or you can hear noises when reading, the help of a data recovery specialist in imperative. The drive might have a critical failure and attempting to recover the drive yourself will probably make it worse. If the drive has logical errors or you deleted a file by mistake, there is enough software on the market to help you but there is the possibility that you misuse it so the help of a data recovery specialist is still recommended. All in all, if you have problems with your laptop hard drive you can attempt to fix the problem yourself, as long as it is not a mechanical one. If you need a data recovery specialist, make sure the research is done prior to sending the media. For Laptop Data Recovery or for Mac Data Recovery and external Lacie Data Recovery visit the links.

Save Your Company from Disaster with a Backup

Data recovery is a process whereby you can save data and files you accidentally deleted, had eaten by malicious software or viruses, hardware failures, corporate espionage and many more scenarios. Data recovery is a tricky thing, and if you ve somehow deleted or had your important files corrupted or lost due to human error, business espionage, faulty hardware or software or any other reason; the good news is that your lost data is probably recoverable. When you discover that you have suffered some data loss, the first decision is always if data recovery is possible. One of the most common questions about data recovery is “why is it so expensive\" and if you use software it doesn t have to be. Software There are many types of data recovery software to choose from. Software programmers recognize the importance of data files, and thankfully, they have been able to create products that demonstrate their understanding of how often people accidentally delete or lose important data. Recovering or salvaging the data from media can sometimes be performed using simple hardware or software but may occasionally require the assistance of data recovery specialists. Software can recover your file allocation table in FAT, master file table and partition table in NTFS file system. Sometimes, even the so called \"soft errors\" can be fixed using data recovery software. Files Losing your files is something that is going to happen to you one day, not something that might happen, and if you do not backup your drive you will find yourself in a very unfortunate situation. Backup Have a disaster recovery plan, do frequent backups. Test that your backups work and can restore your systems to a fully working condition. Hard drive failure is especially disastrous for smaller companies working with a single server and a single disk, if they do not have a complete and working data backup at hand. Having an online backup system will save your day should your premises ever burn down, or the fireproof box containing your backup disks get stolen. Online backup is possibly the most convenient form of backing up files, leaving you with few excuses not to do it. If you have ever wondered about the importance of keeping a backup, imagine how you would feel if a virus destroyed the contents of your hard drive. Whether you’re an individual or a large corporation, sometimes data recovery is the only way (if you didn t do your backups). Physical data recovery is simply the extraction of the raw data from a damaged disc; logical data recovery means the rebuilding of damaged data files but if you are so fortunate that can see your deleted files then data recovery is quick and easy. The author runs a website about data recovery options when the luck isn t on your side. Find out more about the free data recovery program

Native American Astrology: The Hawk (March 21 - April 19)

Native American Astrology: The Hawk (March 21 - April 19) The Hawk is the first sign of the Native American astrology, it heralds spring and the end of winter. If you are born under this sign, you were born at the \"Time of Awakening\". Hawks have many of their own peculiarities and distinctions. For instance, if you re a hawk, the direction that best suits you is north east. The East wind carries good tidings for you and your traditional totem animal is the falcon (or more popularly now, the raven). The element that you re most closely connected to is fire. Hawks often possess a powerful and intense personality marked by a recurrent habit of spontaneous activity. This spills over into their love lives, where hawks are firey, passionate and spontaneous. Emotionally, Hawks have a tendency to be both fast and varied. Getting off to a \"new start\" is often a constant theme shared by those under this sign. Gracious, adventuresome and ready to try new things, Hawks make for fun friends. But watch out, behind their sunny smiles and pleasant manners lurk less desirable qualities like impatience, a boastful attitude, and a leaning toward egocentricity. Often aspiring towards leadership roles and chances to become initiated in small, powerful circles, in truth what Hawks truly seek is knowledge through experience. But, in order to have success in particular endeavors, or just in life in general, Hawks must learn to develop patience, sympathy and perseverance. They should also be sure to avoid intolerance, vanity and arrogance whenever possible. When it comes to relationships, Hawks work best with the Salmon (July 22 - August 21) or the Owl (November 23 - December 21) signs. Want to know your best days and times? Your best day is Tuesday. Daily, you re best hours fall between 3 and 5 am. Because you are much more of a morning person than many others, you should save your earnings for relaxation! Jennifer Gibbs is a successful freelance writer who lives in South Georgia with her husband and son. Be sure to check out her website at for more information, free articles and a chance to add her to your team.

Download Games For PSP

The PSP has been on the market for a few years now and is a great portable gaming device. You can download games for your PSP but sometimes you may find it difficult to search for games to download on your PSP. Here are a few points to keep in mind when downloading games for PSP PSP Firmware The PSP firmware is like the operating system of the PSP. It controls all the software and hardware functions of the PSP. Each batch of PSP firmware is different. Only earlier firmware versions are able to play downloaded games for psp. These are psp firmware version 1.00 and 1.50. To check your PSP firmware version, go to system settings menu and select it. Then select system information and select the option system software. It will tell you the firmware version for your PSP. Playing movies and mp3 are fine, only downloaded games. There are some emulators or PSP hacks that can get past this limitation since all new PSP shipped nowadays have firmware 2.00 and above. However, it is not safe and may actually damage the firmware of your PSP. PSP Emulators There are many PSP software emulators on the internet that allows you to play old console games. Examples are nintendo, super nintendo, game boy advance and sega genesis. There are some arguments about the legality of such emulators at present but unless you are distributing or selling such emulators, there should be nothing to worry about. There are some games that are “homebrew”. It means PSP games created by amateurs for fun or who wants to study how games are made on the PSP. These are pretty rudimentary and simple and unless you enjoy games such as pong or invaders, you might want to give it a miss. PSP Game Download Sites There are quite a number of psp game download sites on the internet. Some are legal and some are not. Be careful when loading games from such sites as you may be violating copyright laws. There are a few that are legal psp game download sites. Most require a one time membership fee that allows you to download unlimited PSP games. I highly recommend if you are interested in such sites to use these legal sites as they are safer and usually provide better support and download speeds. They have many download games for psp as well as movies, mp3 as well. Discover the best psp game download sites recommended by Ricky that is legal and fast to download. Click here to find out .

Plasma Compared To DLP Television and LCD

When you think of comparing plasma to DLP technology you should really compare the main aspect and that is the picture quality. The contrast by definition is the measurement of black depending of the white amount. The plasma is a step ahead this time. The boast of this in the plasma technology is truly remarkable and it’s possible to heard about ratios like 4000 to 1. But not all the manufactures can accomplish this level of quality and the main ration is only 1000 to 1. The DLP is a relative new technology on the market so it’s not really fair to compare with plasma but some of the big manufacturers came close to the standard ration 1000:1. The clarity is measured by the amount of lines and by looking at the clean edge around the picture. So again is hard to compare DLP television to plasma on this topic because both technologies have great reviews regarding the clarity. The plasma achieves this by conversion and processing and the DLP have made this possible using the best clean mirror technology. The brightness makes the DLP set to take a step ahead the competition. The viewing angle in DLP is big. The final product has really no component that can burn, perhaps only the easily replaceable lamp. The advantage plasma may have at this chapter is the fact that the brightness doesn’t affect the colour richness but this affects most of the DLP TVs. Both technologies are incredible and the difference between the two is equal in the final product. Both have a little advantage in some areas and some disadvantages. In the end it’s up to you and of course the price will affect your decision a lot. For the same visual result the technology in LCD and plasma is very different. Don’t let yourself be deceived with the fact that both are flat and thin because there are lots of differences between LCD and plasma televisions. The Plasma TV is outclassing the LCD with the size of the display and a better contrast! When in comes to price plasma wins by far in this competition so this could be a decisive factor. On the other hand the LCD has its own advantages when compared with Plasma. The brightest is increased to LCD. The main advantage is the big life span of such sets and the fact that the light source can be replaced with ease. An interesting think could be that LCD doesn’t have any problems with high-altitudes and the running temperature is smaller. At last if you want to get technical then we should talk about the making technology. The Plasma is based on the light bulb and the display consists of cells. But all in one this has the same disadvantages as the traditional televisions (heat and screen burn). The LCD making technology is far different. The LCD are made of two layers polarized and glued together so the big advantage could be the less power is consuming and the lack of radiation around it ; all this because there are no phosphors that light up. If you find this information useful you should visit the site where you will find lots of interesting articles related to this topic, all original and wrote by Andreea Dinescu.

What Is Blu-Ray?

What Is Blu-Ray? What is Blu-ray? No, it s not a creature of the deep or any mythical beast. Blu-ray is a third-generation digital media or data storage technology from the Blu-ray Disc Association, an assembly of corporate media and electronics technology leaders. Blu-ray discs are currently competing with HD-DVD to become the new optical disc format. They have much more storage capacities and data transfer speeds than conventional DVD s and CD s. Blu-ray Disc Versus Other Optical Discs A Blu-ray disc, looks much like any other optical disc, including first-generation CDs, second-generation DVDs, and the competing third-generation HD DVDs. A Blu-ray disc system uses a blue-violet laser with a wavelength of 405 nanometers to write and read data on the optical disc. This laser is the source of Blu-ray’s name and the technology which differentiates Blu-ray from previous generation optical media. The 405 nanometer blue-violet laser is also used for writing and reading data on third-generation HD DVD discs, which have smaller data storage capacity per layer. Older optical media require a red laser for data storage and retrieval. Blu-ray Storage Capacity The Blu-ray disc system uses a shorter wavelength than conventional optical discs (CD systems use a red laser with a wavelength of 780 nanometers whereas DVD systems use the same red laser with a wavelength of 650 nanometers). The shorter wavelength means more precise data recording, which allows more data to be packed on the Blu-ray disc surface than a comparable CD or DVD surface. In fact, a standard single-layer Blu-ray disc can store as much as 25 GB of digital data, more than five times the storage capacity of conventional DVDs. A dual-layer Blu-ray disc can store a maximum of 50 GB of digital data. On the drawing board are quadruple-layer Blu-ray discs with 100 GB digital data storage capacities. Blu-ray Support To enjoy the considerable benefits of a Blu-ray disc, one must have a Blu-ray disc player (either standalone or software-based) that supports reading of the Blu-ray disc. Blu-ray video players need to have an MPEG-2 codec (which makes a player capable of playing DVDs and HD DVDs), a VC-1 codec, and an AVC or MPEG-4 codec. Movies stored in Blu-ray discs will use any one of the above-mentioned codecs. One movie can also have more than one codec, as long as each codec used is supported by Blu-ray technology. This article may be republished freely as long as this copyright notice and box of resource links are included at the bottom. Copyright © 2007 MALIBAL, lLc MALIBAL is the Home of the World s Fastest Laptop ! Headquartered in Las Vegas, this groundbreaking company has transmuted the world of mobile computing with its nonpareil laptops and unrivaled 24-hour USA-based support. Please, check out these recommendations for the best notebook computers .

Garmin GPS Nuvi 350 Review

The GPS Nuvi 350 is one of the hottest GPS systems on the market today. In this short review we’ll take a look at the features, quality and design of this popular model from Garmin. If you’re new to the world of GPS technology it may be helpful to first get an understanding of just what GPS is. A typical GPS receiver includes an antenna to catch satellite frequencies a receiver, and a clock . A GPS receiver will generally have up to 20 channels. GPS receivers are available in automobiles, telephones even watches, and can provide you with directions to get almost anyplace that has been mapped. This is certainly true in the United States where I have seen the GPS Nuvi 350 used in cities, towns and even many rural areas. I understand that they are widely popular in Europe and elsewhere as well. The GPS Nuvi 350 is manufactured by Garmin which should provide a sense of comfort as Gramin is an industry leader in the manufacture and design of GPS technology. Let’s take a closer look at the GPS Nuvi 350. The GPS Nuvi 350 is approximately 3.9 inches. I can easily put one into any pocket, ladies will find it an easy fit into a purse. Albeit small, Garmin has packed this pint sized GPS with some powerful features. For example, you can get directions read out with street names. This allows you to keep driving safely without looking at the display screen. The screen itself is a color touch screen, three and one half inches, that is bright and easy to read. Also included is an MP3 player, audio book player, JPEG picture viewer, world travel clock with time zones, currency converter, measurement converter, and a calculator. I used the JPEG Viewer to show pictures I’ve taken with my phone. But that’s not a reason to buy any GPS system, just consider it an extra bonus feature of having truly accurate directions in a reliable GPS is what you are really after. All of these extra features are fun toys and are handy of you are traveling for work or pleasure. But in my opinion the best feature of the GPS Nuvi 350 is the GPS technology which makes traveling a snap and a pleasure. Another nice feature of the GPS Nuvi 350 is that it works as soon as you take it out of the box, and is as easy to operate as Garmin claims. If you use the GPS Nuvi 350 in you car you’ll have a suction cup mount that’s reliable and won’t fall on the floor of the car. A handy AC adapter is also included. Having used the GPS Nuvi 350 in more than one U.S. locale I was happy to find detailed street maps for North America which included text-to-speech technology. All in all, the GPS Nuvi 350 is a compact and easy to use GPS that is reliable and jam packed with a lot of bonus features that make the detailed street maps for North America and includes text-to-speech technology. If you should get stuck the Reference Guide will get you moving in the right direction in no time. A personal travel aide and all around worthwhile piece of technology to own, the GPS Nuvi 350 gets 5 stars in our opinion. Looking for more information on the GPS Nuvi 350 AND the lowest price from a reputable vendor? Garmin Nuvi 350 price at

Passing Your CCNA and CCNP: Configuring And Troubleshooting Router-On-A-Stick

For CCNA and CCNP candidates, it s hard not to laugh the first time you hear the phrase \"router on a stick\". Let s face it, that s a pretty silly term. But as those who have passed the CCNA and CCNP exams know, this is a vital exam topic that you must know how to configure and troubleshoot. Basic Cisco theory states that for hosts in different VLANs to communicate, a Layer 3 device must be involved to handle the routing between the VLANs. That device is a router, and there are special considerations that must be taken into account for both the physical router itself and the configuration you ll be writing. The router will be connected to a switch via a FastEthernet port (or higher). The router port cannot be a regular Ethernet port, since the router port will need the ability to send and receive data at the same time. The configuration of the interface is where things get interesting. Let s say we have two VLANs that will be using router-on-a-stick to communicate. Here is the VLAN information: VLAN 20: /24 VLAN 40: /24 The port on the switch that will be connected to the router s FastEthernet port must be in trunking mode, and you must know the trunking protocol in use. We ll go with the Cisco-proprietary ISL here. The physical FE port on the router will not have an IP address. The use of router-on-a-stick mandates the use of logical subinterfaces. While we don t have to use the VLAN numbers for the subinterface numbers, I ve found this helps you keep the interfaces straight. One subinterface must be given an IP address in VLAN 20, and the other will have an IP address in VLAN 40. After creating subinterfaces fast 0.20 and fast 0.40, the config looks like this: interface fastethernet0 no ip address interface FastEthernet 0.20 ip address interface FastEthernet 0.40 ip address Believe it or not, you re almost done! Now we need the encapsulation statement under each subinterface. The subinterface statement must reflect both the VLAN number and the encapsulation type being used. When we re finished, the config would look like this: interface fastethernet0 no ip address interface FastEthernet 0.20 ip address encapsulation isl 20 interface FastEthernet 0.40 ip address encapsulation isl 40 And that s it! Your hosts in VLAN 20 should now be able to communicate with hosts in VLAN 40, and vice versa. A couple of final troubleshooting points - the most common error with router-on-a-stick is to put the wrong vlan number in the encapsulation statement. Also, make sure you have configured the router s IP address in VLAN 20 as the default gateway for hosts in VLAN 20, and do the same for VLAN 40. I hope you ve enjoyed this look at router-on-a-stick. While the name may get a chuckle out of you, it s still used in quite a few networks out there, and knowing how to configure and troubleshoot it will get you that much closer to earning your CCNA and CCNP. Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933, is the owner of The Bryant Advantage, home of over 100 free certification exam tutorials, including Cisco CCNA certification test prep articles. His exclusive Cisco CCNA study guide and Cisco CCNA training is also available! Visit his blog and sign up for Cisco Certification Central, a daily newsletter packed with CCNA, Network , Security , A , and CCNP certification exam practice questions! A free 7-part course, \"How To Pass The CCNA\", is also available, and you can attend an in-person or online CCNA boot camp with The Bryant Advantage!

Crop Around An Image

Sometimes, you want to crop around an image with a complex shape. Most people do this in Adobe Photoshop or another image-editing program, but you can do it in PowerPoint if you don t have or know another program. If you have PowerPoint for the Mac, the Picture toolbar has two lasso buttons that you can use. These are similar to the lasso tools found in image-editing programs and I wish that PowerPoint for the PC had them. But if you re on a PC, here s another option: Let s say you d like to crop around this photo, to remove the background. Follow these steps: 1. Insert the image that you want to use. It needs to be a separate file, rather than pasted from the Clipboard. 2. Increase the zoom to at least 100%, more for a complex outline. Make sure that the entire image is on the screen. (Closing an open task bar helps.) 3. From the Drawing toolbar, choose AutoShapes>Lines>Freeform. (In 2007, use the Insert tab and click Shapes. Choose the Freeform button in the Lines section.) 4. Click anywhere along the edge where you want to crop and drag around the image (with the mouse button held down). For straight lines, you can release the mouse button and click at the end of the line. When you re back to the start point, release the mouse button and the freeform should complete itself. Note: It doesn t have to be perfect; you can edit it later. Also, I must admit that using a mouse is somewhat awkward and I used instead a Wacom tablet with a stylus. This is the ideal tool for the job. 5. Double-click the freeform to open the Format AutoShape dialog box. (In 2007, this displays the Format tab.) Change the fill to No Fill, but leave the outline alone. (For this tutorial, I made the outline thicker, so you could see it clearly.) 6. Now you ll see some places that need to be adjusted. For example, on the right side of the image, the line is too far away from the collar and shoulder. 7. Select the freeform and on the Drawing toolbar, choose Draw>Edit Points. (In 2007, click the Format tab and choose Edit Shape>Edit Points. You now see lots of dots around the outline. 8. To adjust a point, click it and drag it to the desired location. You can also right-click a point that you don t want and choose Delete Point. Continue until your freeform closely follows the outline of the image. 9. Delete the image. 10. Double-click the freeform. Click the Fill Color drop-down list and choose Fill Effects. Click the Picture tab. (In 2007, click Shape Fill on the Format tab and choose Picture.) Choose the picture you chose before and click Insert. 11. The picture now fills the freeform. Because the freeform is the shape of the image (minus the background that you don t want), the result is to crop the picture! 12. Format the freeform again and set the outline to No Outline. This article in its original form may have included images and/or other media. To see the original article, go to: For more free PowerPoint tips, go to: Ellen Finkelstein, is the best-selling author of How to Do Everything with PowerPoint 2007 (and previous editions for PowerPoint 2002 and PowerPoint 2003) Her award-winning Web site features loads of free tips on PowerPoint, the monthly PowerPoint Tips Newsletter, and the PowerPoint Tips Blog. Visit

Causes Of Data Loss And Storage Devices Damage

There are a lot of storage devices used to store data but the most common used ones are the CDs, DVDs, memory cards, memory sticks and undoubtedly the hard drives. All these storage devices have on major flaw in common, they are not infallible and this means that the data stored on them can be lost or damaged through a number of unforeseen failures. Fortunately, there are companies that employ data recovery specialists that can recover your data by using special techniques, software and tools. Data recovery can sometimes be performed by the user of the damaged device by using software but there is a high risk of failure that can result in permanently erased data or damaged storage devices. There are a number of conditions that can cause a storage device failure and they include heat, water, impacts and power interruptions. Other causes can be viruses. Heat damage will usually be caused by fire but in the case of electronic devices and storage media, overheated equipment is the cause in most cases. For instance, in room with an ambient temperature that is too high, the air cushion thickness will be reduced by the air pressure. The hard drive heads might touch the recording plate and data will be damaged or lost. In the case of hard drives, this kind of damage can also be caused by physical shocks or high vibration levels. Most drives, but not all, have a seal that goes around the sides of the drive. If the seal is broken, the drive if prone to environmental contamination. The air is not very clean and with a damaged seal, particles from the air can grind the recording plate generating corruption or lost data. If a hard drive is wet, water damage can occur even if it is turned off. Water is corrosive and will damage the metals found inside the hard drive generating microscopic pitting. Data recovery specialists have both the required skills and the resources to perform a successful data recovery operation. This ensures a good chance that if you experience any data loss you can recover the data, be it sentimental data or business related information. The best advice is to keep a backup of the data that is important to you, this way you can avoid the expense of data recovery. If a backup is not available, expert services provided by data recovery specialists is a must. Unirecovery Data Recovery specialists will provide a great recuperation success rate and are probably the best Data Recovery London service, Data Recovery professionals are waiting to help you.

What are 5 Common Problems and Solutions During the Software Development Process?

What are 5 Common Problems and Solutions During the Software Development Process? Problems •Poor requirements - if the requirements are not clear, unfinished, too common, and not testable, then there will be problems. •Unrealistic schedule - if too much work is given in too little time, problems are inevitable. •Inadequate testing - no one will know whether or not the program is any good until the customer complain or systems collide. •Futurities - requests to pile on new features after development is underway; extremely common. •Miscommunication - if developers do not know what s needed or customer s have wrong expectations, problems are assured. Solutions •Solid requirements - clear, complete, detailed, cohesive, attainable, testable requirements that are agreed to by all players. Use prototypes to help nail down requirements. In agile -type environments, continuous close coordination with customers/end-users is necessary. •Realistic schedules - allow adequate time for planning, design, testing, bug fixing, re-testing, changes, and documentation; personnel should be able to complete the project without burning out. •Adequate testing - start testing early on, re-test after fixes or changes, plan for adequate time for testing and bug-fixing. Early testing ideally includes unit testing by developers and built-in testing and diagnostic capabilities. •Stick to initial requirements as much as possible - be prepared to defend against excessive changes and additions once development has begun, and be prepared to explain consequences. If changes are necessary, they should be adequately reflected in related schedule changes. If possible, work closely with customers/end-users to manage expectations. This will provide them a higher comfort level with their requirements decisions and minimize excessive changes later on. •Communication - require walkthroughs and inspections when appropriate; make extensive use of group communication tools - groupware, bug-tracking tools and change management tools, intranet capabilities, etc.; insure that information/documentation is available and up-to-date - preferably electronic, not paper; promote teamwork and cooperation; use prototypes and/or continuous communication with end-users if possible to clarify expectations. For more information visit =>

How To Write A Performance Appraisal

The appraiser may be any person who observes the employee while performing a job. The appraiser has thorough knowledge about the job content, contents to be appraised, and standards of contents. The appraiser should prepare reports and make judgments without bias. Typical appraisers are supervisors, peers, subordinates, employees themselves, users of service, and consultants. Supervisors include superiors of the employee, other superiors having knowledge about the work of the employee, and department heads or managers. General practice is that immediate superiors appraise the performance, which in turn is reviewed by the departmental head manager. This is because supervisors are responsible for managing their subordinates and they have the opportunity to observe, direct and control the subordinate continuously. Moreover, they are accountable for the successful performance of their subordinates. On the negative side, immediate supervisors, may emphasis certain aspects of employee performance to the neglect of others. Also, managers have been known to manipulate evaluations to justify their decisions on pay increases and promotions. Peer appraisal may be reliable if the work group is stable over a reasonably long period of time and performs tasks that require interaction. However, little research has been conducted to determine how peers establish standards for evaluating others or the overall effect of peer appraisal on the group’s attitude. The concept of having superiors rated subordinates is being used in most organizations today, especially in developed countries. For instance in most US universities students evaluate a professor’s performance in the classroom. Such a novel method can be useful in other organizational settings too, provided the relationships between superiors and subordinates are cordial. If individuals understand the objectives they are expected to achieve and the standards by which they are to be evaluated, they are to a great extent in the best position to appraise their own performance. Employee performance in service organizations relating to behaviors, promptness, speed in doing the job and accuracy, can be better judged by the customers or users of services. Performance Appraisals provides detailed information on How to Write a Performance Appraisal, Job Performance Appraisals, Performance Appraisal Software, Performance Appraisal Systems and more. Performance Appraisals is affiliated with Manufacturing Performance Management .

Bluetooth Hearing Aids - What You Need To Know

Bluetooth wireless technology allows wireless communication between electronic devices. Bluetooth uses short-range wireless radio technology to connect devices to each other, generally within a distance of 30 ft. Newer devices may have ranges of over 100 ft. It eliminates the need for wires to be connected to all the devices, making it much easier to operate them. Although Bluetooth technology has been around for a while it is now becoming the new standard for most electronic devices. For those who wear hearing aids the technology provides the ability to use hands free devices along with the hearing aid. As most hearing aid users know, in the past, there have been compatibility issues with hearing aids and devices such as cell phone headsets and iPod ear piece. However, the latest technology incorporates Bluetooth wireless technology into hearing aids, making them compatible with many Bluetooth enabled devices. Bluetooth enabled hearing aids use this wireless technology twofold. Bluetooth wireless technology allows for communication between two hearing aids. This helps to get the most natural hearing enhancement possible. The two hearing aids \"talk\" to each other to make instantaneous enhancements to improve hearing. Another exciting function of Bluetooth enabled hearing aids is wireless connectivity with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as cell phones and music players. This technology is a vast improvement over hearing aids in the past which were often incompatible with other devices. Several leading manufacturers have developed Bluetooth enabled hearing aids. Oticon s newest hearing aid range is called Epoq. It provides wireless binaural communication between the right and left hearing aids to make stereophonic sound more natural. Integrated Bluetooth technology also enables the Epoq hearing aid to get mobile phone reception directly into it. This effectively eliminates the need for attached wires, which in the past was the only way to provide connectivity. The Phonak s Smartlink uses integrated Bluetooth technology to enable bi-directional digital link between the hearing aid and a Bluetooth enabled cell phone. An external audio input or microphone signal can also be transmitted wirelessly via Smartlink to the hearing aid by attaching to the smart interface. Starkey Laboratories offers the Eli hearing aid, which incorporates Bluetooth technology allowing communication between hearing aid users, and the growing assortment of Bluetooth enabled devices such as a cell phone. The Eli is the smallest Bluetooth enabled hearing aid on the market. Those who are shopping for their first hearing aid will do well by purchasing one with Bluetooth technology. No matter what your needs, Bluetooth technology is the wave of the future and will enable you to connect easily and wirelessly with many devices. All of the major hearing aid companies are developing their own hearing aids that utilize Bluetooth technology. Working with a hearing health care professional will ensure that you choose the hearing aid that is best for you and your specific hearing loss. For people with hearing problems, getting quality hearing aids can open up a new world to them. Bluetooth hearing aids are becoming more discreet, fashionable and high tech, making them a good choice for the young and old. Check out our top resources on best hearing aids at

Future Concepts and Modern Advances in Technology; Good or Bad?

Future Concepts and Modern Advances in Technology; Good or Bad? Many Humanists and Scientists argue that our technology and civilization is out pacing evolution by a huge margin. They point to our tribalistic, band and small group human history that we survived with for hundreds of thousands of years is no longer anything similar to our modern societies. Indeed to argue against this fact would be futile as it is so. However we seem to for the most part done very well as out human populations swells around the planet. Humanists will ask and one recently did; “Doesn t it make more sense to be who we are and develop our true, and in my view powerful abilities (i.e. to communicate with each other through the energy fields that connect us without technology, to create with our minds a reality that is truly self sustaining, to connect with each other and rid the entire human species of the negative beliefs that are undermining us all etc...)?” Well indeed he sure has brought up a huge question worthy of discussion. However let me take a crack at this question as I answer in the negative to his assumptions; “NO. Because why should you choose one or the other, why not both. Have the capability and develop lost skills, while simultaneously using our brains to invent better technologies to improve on the human design. We do not have time for evolution to take its sweet time. You know you are talking about talking the species back to the stoneage, yet who would that really serve. We need sewer treatment plants, fresh water and energy for things. Not that they are totally necessary, but they have certainly improved life from other civilization of the last let s say 5000 years anyway. Perhaps ancient cultures die previously have great advances and may have been extremely well adapted civilizations without all this fluff. Yet who is to say that was better and why should we make that decision for all humanity, as humanity has spoken and voted with their consumer dollar and well, they want all this stuff.” As far as the observations of human civilizations in the present period and the dummying down of the population base; well now that they cannot function without all these modern technologies, they very much need it and cannot feel fulfilled without out it. Myself, well I could go without many of the modern amenities. Humans need a challenge and advancement and forward progression of the species does provide that challenge. After all; why does someone climb a mountain? It is there and it is a challenge. Many including myself like challenges, creating stuff and inventing things, so why not? Using technology to help mankind along in his journey to create better, strong and better civilizations is wise. And as mankind reaches a place of heaven on Earth, with more leisure time and the Utopia we desire, who is anyone to say that technology is an evil to the human race? Think on that. \"Lance Winslow\" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; . Lance is a guest writer for Our Spokane Magazine in Spokane, Washington

The Hottest and Latest Hunting Technology and Gadgets Today

Sometimes, the things and gadgets that you think are the least useful will prove you wrong in the end. And in a potentially dangerous sport like hunting, having all the right hunting gadgets that technology brings you can be a matter of life and death. Let’s take a solar powered torchlight as an example. Don’t think it’d be of any use to you? Well, imagine the kind of convenience and security measure it would provide you if you had it and you run out of battery supplies. Furthermore, the solar powered torchlight doesn’t need batteries and they can operate for over long periods at night even when there’s no sunlight because they have the capability of storing energy in their internal batteries. And yes, of course, hunting is a skill-game. The only way to get really good at hunting is not by way of having as many hunting gadgets in your backpack as possible. The only way to get good at hunting is by practicing, practicing and practicing. You can have a 500-yard hunting rifle, laser rangefinders and whatever-else-you-can-find-on-and-off-the-internet and yet, without the right skills, you will do not much better than without the hunting gadgets. But imagine, if you’re OK in the hunting game and you have some cool and funky hunting gadgets with you, it WILL make a difference. With some skill, hunting gadgets like the precision hunting rifle and motion detectors will come in really handy! One of the most amazing hunting gadgets to have handy is the Rangefinders (I personally love the Simmons Rangefinder) which gives you the confidence of shooting with unparalleled accuracy. Because with each shot, the Rangefinder will recalibrate, you get more and more accurate with each shot. Therefore, even an amateur hunting enthusiast can be quite successful during the hunting trips. The right Rangefinder should be resistant to weather elements like rain and extreme heat. And the Rangefinder’s performance should not be affected AT ALL with rain and close-by objects like leaves, branches and leaves. The best Rangefinders in the market should be as silent as your footsteps whenever you’re hunting. Other factors you should check out before you buy a new Rangefinder is the weight of the hunting gadget, the complexity of setup, ease of use, size of the hunting gadget and how fast does the battery run out. If the Rangefinder has a speed gun function…all the better but an expert in hunting can probably live without it. The hunting gadget should be accurate to within a foot off the target. Anything less than that, forget it. Dylan Miles, journalist, and website builder, lives in Texas. He is the owner and co-editor of on which you will find a longer, more detailed version of this article.

Free Downloads for PSP

There are many ways to get free downloads for PSP but the problem is that not all of them deliver what they claim. This is the main reason I am writing this article. I have been scammed a couple times and couldn t get my money back, which is a pretty bad experience. I didn t receive my free downloads for PSP and didn t get my money back either. If you still don t know what I am talking about then I ll try to break it down a little. There are hundreds of sites which offer free downloads for PSP with lot s of bonuses which you get when you sign up. They all require a membership fee but it is definitely worth joining the right PSP web sites in order to get free downloads for PSP. There are no additional fees and no pay-per-download fees and you get to download everything, and I mean it, music, movies, TV shows, episodes and other things. But the real problem is that some of them are scams, real scams so if you do not want to get scammed I suggest you do the following. First, find out if the PSP sites which you would like to join has a money back guarantee. This is the most important part, because even if it is not a scam, you can get a refund, in case you weren t satisfied with the service. Though, I guarantee that sites with such guarantees should give you the opportunity to get free downloads for PSP. Second, if you re not sure whether to join or not, read a review about the web site and see what others are saying. Read some feedback, but do not believe everything you read, because there are many people who just get pissed off and scream scam without even trying anything. I have made a deep research on how to get free downloads for PSP and finally found a legitimate web site that delivers even more than it claims. So to get free downloads for PSP all you need to do is join a good web site and you re done. Free downloads for PSP are available on many sites but the best one I ve tried so far is called PSP Blender. Get Free Downloads for PSP with PSP Blender, read my honest review at my blog. Walter Seth is a PSP addict and is happy with PSP Blender , since I could get free downloads for my PSP.

Archery Arrow Rest

Arrow Rests With all the technology in archery going on today, one of the most important devices on your compound bow is the arrow rest. Many bowhunters have problems while trying to perfect their arrow flight when using broadheads, even though their arrows have been spined correctly and there are no mechanical problems with their bow. You’ve paper tested your arrow and you cannot get rid of the wobble. The problem, more often than not, is contact with your arrow fletching with your arrow rest. Maybe you have tried using smaller fletching, but then your broadhead tends to steer your arrow when using a saddle type of arrow rest. The newly styled type of fall-away archery arrow rest has many advantages over the traditional style of a cradle type of arrow rest. The fall-away arrow rest will eliminate any contact made by your fletching. This will help improve your arrow flight and overcome any minor inconsistencies with your archery shooting form. You now can use bigger fletching and get back to helical fletching which will help to steer your arrow rather than your broadhead steering your arrow or hand torque altering your arrow flight. Most of todays fall-away rests function very well. In my opinion, the recoil activated fall-away rest seems to work the best. A disadvantage to the lift up fall-away rest, which is activated by a cable from your bow cable to your arrow rest, is the fact that it’s easy for the arrow to bounce off the launcher while drawing back your bow. The recoil activated rest requires no cables and is activated by ever so slight of recoil upon release of your arrow. It is easy to install and seems to be quieter and is the most reliable. By adding felt or foam rubber to the arrow shelf which is where the arrow will rest before you draw back, will help silence and hold your arrow into position. These two types of archery fall-away arrow rests come with the most expensive price on the market today. But remember, even though they are expensive they are worth every penny you spend. A reliable archery arrow rest will foster a consistent flight of your arrow. When you have confidence in your arrow flight you will have confidence in your shooting and this will help to make you a better archery hunter. When it comes to being a better hunter, success and confidence go hand in hand. Spend the buck and change your luck! My name is Ted Lake and I m building a website in memory of my dad Deuaine Lake. This site is all about Archery and Archery Hunting. My dad started me when I was 5 years old (1956) and I ve continued to teach both my boys the same respect for the sport of archery. Please feel welcome to visit my free website at

ICDL/ECDL - Is It All It s Cracked Up To Be?

ICDL/ECDL - Is It All It s Cracked Up To Be? The ECDL Foundation is the global governing body of the world s leading end-user computer skills certification programme, the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), which is known as the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) outside Europe. The ICDL syllabus is designed to cover the key concept of computing, its practical applications and their use in the workplace and society in general. For those new to computers, ICDL will provide you with a solid foundation of computer skills helping you to competently and confidently use computers. The ICDL is the internationally accepted benchmark. The International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) concept is a global computer literacy initiative developed to raise the level of knowledge about Information Technology (IT) and increase the level of competence in using personal computers and common computer applications for all the citizens of the world. International Computer Driving License (ICDL) is a certification, which certifies that the holder has knowledge of the essential concepts of Information Technology (IT) and is able to use a personal computer and common computer applications at a recognized level of competence. The syllabus is designed by a panel of experts which is managed and co-ordinated in conjunction with the ECDL Foundation. It is broken down into seven modules, a test for each must be passed before the ICDL certificate is awarded. It provides everything a student needs to gain full understanding and practical knowledge of the subjects covered by the syllabus, and then to pass the ICDL test. The organisations supporting ICDL represent a broad cross section of industry and academia. In addition many ICDL courses are specifically approved for local use in your country and have been localised to make them even more relevant to your students. Many colleges, schools, and training companies offer courses designed to prepare an individual for the ICDL tests. Please contact your local Accredited Test Centre for more information on ICDL courses in your area. Peter Whelan is a freelance writer and an ICT consultant. Visit his site at

Evaluating Bandwidth Choices-OC3 vs OC12 vs OC48

Looking for bandwidth? That can be a daunting and frustrating task even in the best of situations. There s lots to consider in order to make the right decision for your needs. Below you ll find some help when evaluating OC3 vs OC12 vs OC48. Factors covered include Technology, Speed, Description, Application, Pros, Cons, and Cost. ~~~~~~~~~ Technology: OC3 Speed: 155.52 Mbps Description: Optical carrier (fiber) connected by equipment capable of speeds up to 155.52 Mbps. Application: Large enterprise or ISP backbone. Pros: Extremely high speed and throughput. Cons: Extremely high cost. Costs: Expect cost of an OC3 to start at around a $10-30,000 for a stable, reliable system (e.g. from a Tier 1 provider).....not including local loop or extensive setup. However....the pricing for these connections can vary widely depending on the carrier, location of service and the application for which the connection is being used. For example...Tier 1 providers may cost more than local/regional Tier 2 and Tier 3 providers but are much more stable and reliable. A Tier 1 provider should always be the provider of choice for any business serious about the quality of their OCx network. ~~~~~~~~~~ Technology: OC12 Speed: 622.08 Mbps Description: Optical carrier (fiber) connected by equipment capable of speeds up to 622.08 Mbps. Application: Large enterprise or ISP backbone. Pros: Extremely high speed and throughput. Cons: Extremely high cost. Costs: Expect cost of an OC12 to start at around $1-300,000 for a stable, reliable system (e.g. from a Tier 1 provider)..... plus several hundred thousand dollars in setup costs. However....the pricing for these connections can vary widely depending on the carrier, location of service and the application for which the connection is being used. A Tier 1 provider should always be the provider of choice for any business serious about the quality of their OCx network. ~~~~~~~~~~ Technology: OC48 Speed: 2.488 Gbps (Gigabytes per second) Description: Optical carrier (multiple strands of fiber) connected by equipment capable of speeds up to 2.488 Mbps. Application: Large enterprise or ISP backbone. Pros: Extremely high speed and throughput. Cons: Extremely high cost. Costs: Expect cost of an OC48 to start at around $3-500,000 for a stable, reliable system (e.g. from a Tier 1 provider)..... plus several hundred thousand dollars in setup costs. However....the pricing for these connections can vary widely depending on the carrier, location of service and the application for which the connection is being used. A Tier 1 provider should always be the provider of choice for any business serious about the quality of their OCx network. Michael is the owner of FreedomFire Communications....including and . Michael also authors Broadband Nation where you re always welcome to drop in and catch up on the latest BroadBand news, tips, insights, and ramblings for the masses.

Finding An Effective Allergy Treatment

You cannot relate to the discomfort that allergies do cause to people, unless you have experienced it yourself, having a negative reaction to a certain substance. Such reactions to different elements can make a person feel extremely miserable. When people are suffering they start looking for a rapid cure for their problems, but there are some things that have to be taken into consideration, before starting a treatment for your allergies. As well as for everything else, prevention is the best cure, and that applies for the allergies too. The best thing to do is to try avoiding any triggers that can cause such a reaction in your body. In case you have an allergy to dust, then just leave dusting the house and vacuum cleaning to someone else. There is no reason to take that risk if you can easily avoid doing that. Definitely you need your environment kept clean. And of course the treatment of avoiding dust is not realistically applicable at all times, but still you can take a few precautions for helping yourself to breathe easier. In case you know that there is a chance for you to be exposed to dust, just wear a protective mask. The embarrassment of looking silly for a short while is not as important as protecting your own health. Another step you can easily undertake is to ensure good ventilation of the area you are dusting. Food allergies unfortunately are very dangerous and people who have such need to entirely avoid certain foods like eggs, strawberries or peanuts that trigger their reactions. In some of the cases reactions are so severe that it becomes a matter of life and death. In such cases of severe allergic reactions especially to foods it is very dangerous and unwise to try taking care of them at home. And what should be actually done in such cases is not to waste any time but get the person to the hospital where best treatment can be provided to him/her. There are though some weaker reactions with milder symptoms. Those can be taken care of with allergy treatment from the local pharmacy. Your doctor can offer an effective nonprescription drug that can help in such situations and you can even get a stock of it so that in case it happens you won’t have to rush out searching where to get it from. Benadryl is one of the most popular medications for allergic reactions. It is a nonprescription medication, but still it has to be taken with caution. It can affect your reactions and impair the driving abilities or make you feel drowsy. It also affects concentration and the ability to work and it is not advisable to take it for more than only a few days in row. The most effective way to treat allergic reactions is by taking medication, but you definitely must take into consideration all the side effects such medication can cause, and decide if they are worth the temporary relief especially of milder symptoms. As some people in fact react to drowsiness worse than to their congestion or ithcings. Morgan Hamilton offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning family. Get more information by visiting Allergy Treatment

Free WAV Ringtones

Technology and scientific development is making the world a better place to live in. With the onset of technology, extensive research is constantly leading to new scientific inventions. Heavy monetary investments are being made in the field of technology research. Thanks to technology, it isn’t difficult to stay connected. Technology has brought forth many inventions that make connectivity happen at the touch of a button. One of many such inventions is the cell phone. Cell phones play an important role in today’s world. Because of the demand for customized cell phone content, unique ringtones, and ringtone companies have sprung up in the past few years. Meeting customer demand is an ever-changing task that requires staying on top of new technologies and trends, but these companies meet the challenges and offer many different free ringtones. It is quite possible that any individual can get a free ringtone, as long he knows what type of free ringtone he needs. The one type of free ringtone that is almost synonymous with the word “technology” and that is the WAV ringtone. WAV is the computer file name is that is short for “wave” and is a type of audio formatting that can be stored on your personal computer. This file can then be downloaded from the computer onto your cell phone and set as a ringtone. This is one way you can have a free WAV ringtone. These WAV ringtones can also be obtained free of cost from the ringtone manufacturing companies. The output of the free WAV ringtones is best on any phone that falls into the “smart phone” category. Some of these “smart phones” include the Nokia 3650, 7650, Sony Ericsson, and also the BenQ P30. These free WAV ringtones are about 100Kb in size. Moreover, they have fade in and fade out qualities. There is a huge collection of free WAV ringtones to choose from. There are over a hundred of English free WAV ringtones and more than a fifty Chinese free WAV ringtones to select from on some Web sites. The creators of the free WAV ringtones are constantly researching and uploading new and different WAV ringtones, and ways to make it easier for the user to download them. is a website that offers visitors the ability to find free ringtones and specific information on free wav ringtones .

Where To Find Free CD Burning Software

Technology continues to make giant steps forward. Technology has made it possible to burn your own CDs and DVDs, without resorting to expensive equipment or outrageous charges. Now, anyone can make their own personal music CD with their favorite songs. You can also clone your DVDs so that you have a backup copy or to distribute copies to others. For business people, CD burning is the ultimate way to backup their daily information to prevent it from loss. The good news is that there are lots of free CD burning software offers widely available on the Internet. Any search will provide you with dozens of choices for free CD burning software. However, the downside is that all of them are actually free trials, and if you want to continue burning CD or DVDs after about 30 days, you must pay for the service. The prices are reasonable, though, and won’t set you back a small fortune. You can comparison shop among the various downloads and find the perfect one for you, then take a trial run and make sure it is actually the one you want before you plunk down any hard, cold money. Plus, they usually come with a thirty-day guarantee, so you can be sure you are getting what you want for your hard-earned cash. It is a very risk-free way to burn your own CDs or DVDs. It is a great idea for both individuals and businesses. These online CD replication services are a simple download that anyone can do. The programs are user-friendly for beginners, but also extremely customizable for the experienced person, as well. Many of them integrate easily with Windows Explorer so that you don’t have to create image files or do any other fancy footwork before burning your CD. You simply download the free trial, insert your CD into your PC and burn away. It couldn’t be easier. Many of these websites that offer free CD replication software also offer some other interesting choices, too. For instance, you can get a free trial of a CD label maker to add class and style to your CDs. Once you try it, you will probably have to add it to your software library along with the CD burning software. Other great software downloads include DVD cloning software that provides perfect copying of DVDs with no distortions. Once again, technology is making our lives easier and a lot more interesting by allowing the average person to experience the personal thrill of burning their own CD. With the money back guarantees and the great free trial periods, it is the perfect way to give this new type of technology and try for personal or business needs before making a purchase. Bob Hett offers great tips and advice regarding all aspects of CD DVD Duplication Get the information you are seeking now by visiting

How To Avoid Getting Hooked By Pfishing

\"Pfishing\", sometimes spelled \"Phishing\", is a word that s used to describe a method of identity theft where con men use fake e-mail that looks like it comes from legitimate sources. This e-mail is designed to hoodwink you into giving out personal and financial information. Once the scammers receive your information they use it to either clone your identity or to empty out your bank accounts and run up your charge cards. Here are some tips on how to avoid becoming the next victim. 1. Never respond to an e-mail that looks like it came from your bank or any of your credit card issuers no matter how official it appears. Phishing scam e-mails will tell you that there is some problem with your account and that you have to click on an embedded link to correct that problem. They may threaten to close your account, or report you to the credit bureau, if you do not respond. DON T DO IT. Don t call the telephone number that appears in the email either. Get out one of your old bank or credit card statements and call the number that appears there. Explain what the email says and follow the directions that you receive from the actual employee. Chances are they ll tell you its a scam. 2. Never give your bank account information, credit card numbers, Social Security number, passwords, personal identification numbers (PIN), or Date of Birth to anyone who asks you for that information by email. No legitimate company will expect you to reveal sensitive information via email. Also, no company that issues you a PIN will ever ask you to reveal that PIN to any of their employees. 3. Never respond to any offer to buy anything by clicking on the link in the e-mail. Even if the e-mail looks like it comes from your favorite department store it might be a scam. To avoid being hooked by Pfishing, type in the URL to the department store by yourself. Go to to look it up if you don t already know it. 4. Forward copies of any Pfishing email to the actual company or bank that is being imitated by the scammers. You can usually send any email to postmaster@ and then the bank or company name. 5. If a Pfishing e-mail seems particularly threatening or worrisome to you, report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (, a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center. 6. If it s too late and you already provided any of your personal information, account numbers, or PINs then you should immediately contact your banks and credit card companies to make arrangements with them to protect your financial interests. These companies and institutions are familiar with these scams and they know what needs to be done. 7. If you receive evidence of identity theft, such as unauthorized charges on your credit card bills, or unexplained transactions in your bank account, contact the police and file a report. Be sure to get a copy of the report for your own records and to send to the companies that are involved in the transactions. You also need to contact all three major credit bureaus (Equifax at 800-525-6285, Experian at 888-397-3742 and TransUnion at 800-680-7289) and tell them that you need a fraud alert placed on your credit file. 8. You can get information on ID theft and Pfishing at the Federal Trade Commission Web site at or calling toll-free 877-382-4357. Copyright © 2004 Cavyl Stewart. Discover 52 Ways To Do More With Software by signing up for my exclusive Free ecourse. Get resources, tips, reviews and recommendations you can use right now to help you achieve more, easier, and cheaper! 100% Original content. Visit:

Ganoderma Lucidum - The Wonder Herb

One of the most apparent influences modern times has brought to people is their realization of going back to the basics, to the natural, and to the organic. Although the advances brought by technology has made life easier to people, many are still looking for better organic alternatives that are proven to be more effective in their most natural of form, like Ganoderma Lucidum or commonly known as “Ganoderma.” Believed by the Chinese as the “Miraculous King of Herbs,” Ganoderma Lucidum is highly-regarded for its medicinal properties that help improve human body’s healing ability while helping its user to maintain good physical shape. Aside from promoting longevity, Ganoderma Lucidum has unique properties that contribute much to the strengthening of the immune system. Somewhat rare in the West, Ganoderma Lucidum has been worshipped as a kind of herbal medicine the emperors of the great Japanese and Chinese dynasties drank with their special teas and mushroom concoctions to achieve greater vitality and longer life. Ganoderma Lucidum was also believed to be visible in the “elixir of eternal youth” that the ancient Taoists constantly searched for. A fungus known by its many names like “Reishi,” “Ling zhi,” and “Mannentake,” among others, Ganoderma Lucidum, for hundreds or even thousands of years, is recognized as powerful medicinal fungi because it has properties often associated with health and healing, long life, knowledge, and happiness. In fact, during the ancient time, it is believed that the Ganoderma Lucidum in medicine was considered so promising that its medicinal value has been attested in a 2,000-year old Chinese medical textâ€"known as an authentic textbook of Oriental medical science. For years, medicinal mushrooms such as Ganoderma Lucidum have long been included in the history of folk medicine for contributing much to curing cancers of all sorts and for showing positive effects to the development of the immune system. Aside from contributing a lot to the treatment of various diseases, Ganoderma Lucidum has also become popular because of its promising properties that might extend life span while increasing vigor and vitality. Mushroom miracle The role of Ganoderma Lucidum in the medical field is quite impressive. Even if its role in the treatment of cancer doesn’t have a strong and solid medical backing yet, Ganoderma Lucidum is still recommended to prevention because of the absence of unfavorable side effects. While people from different walks of life take interests and contribute a lot in the rediscovery of herbal treatments, the popularity of Ganoderma Lucidum increases steadily. Under the extensive research continuously done so many scholars, as well as the cooperative analysis and clinical experiments conducted by people in the hospitals, inside the colleges and universities, and even by pharmaceutical manufacturers, Ganoderma Lucidum’s potential as an effective medicine is becoming clearer and defined. And like in ancient Chinaâ€"where Ganoderma Lucidum is considered not just a symbol of ‘prosperity and peace’ or an ‘item of tribute’â€"the so-called ‘miracle herb’ is now also seen by the people in the modern world as a potential elixir for immortality. With so many research and emerging evidence how Ganoderma Lucidum helps the body work more effectively, efficiently and optimally, the people who do these extensive and never-ending researches continues to hope that Ganoderma can bring a brighter view to humanity on its conquest for longevity. Terry Dunn is Webmaster of - a Informational Resource about Ganoderma

Direct TV Receiver

When a customer receives Direct TV programming, he or she has a number of choice as to what kind of Direct TV receiver that they can use. Hughes manufactures a variety of Direct TV receivers for consumers to choose from depending on their entertainment needs. Most new customers will receive a Hughes Direct TV receiver for free with installation and a new programming agreement. If a customer prefers to upgrade their Direct TV receiver, they can choose from at least five different receivers. The Hughes Director Direct TV receiver is designed with offering the customer everything that he or she will need in order to have the best experience with their satellite television reception. It is one of the most popular and affordable Direct TV receivers and offers up to 225 channels of digital programming. The Hughes Director Direct TV receiver is most commonly the kind of receiver that is included in a free equipment and free installation offer from Direct TV. The Hughes Executive Direct TV receiver boasts all of the practicality that is presented in the Director receiver with additional features. Some of the features customers might be interested in include progressive picture adjustments, single-touch recording abilities, digital sound technology and a menu that can be customized to fit each individual’s needs. Another choice is the DVR powered by TiVo Direct TV receiver that allows a person to immediately replay live television, pause, rewind or even view the program in slow motion. The need for timers and VCR’s no longer exist with the sleek design and technology in this particular Direct TV receiver. The Hughes HDTV DVR with TiVo Direct TV receiver provides new or existing customers with high-definition satellite television from Direct TV. Programming is viewed with up to 1080i lines of resolution for high-definition televisions, HDMI and component video output and an optical output for complete Dolby Digital 5.1. If a customer doesn’t want to take advantage of a Direct TV receiver with DVR but still wants to get the most out of his or her high-definition television, then the Hughes HDTV Direct TV receiver would make an excellent choice. The Platinum HD provides Dolby Digital sound capabilities and up to 1080i lines of resolution is a wide 16.9 movie format or 4.3 standard format that lets the viewer choose his or her preferred viewing experience. About The Author: Kevin Lynch is the owner of nu Satellite TV and Direct TV Center websites, which have tons of resources with a variety of information, news and more.

Advances in Propane Technology

The propane industry uses technology research to explore everything from improving basic appliances to improving propane powered forklifst to meet stricter emissions requirements. In 2006, the propane industry tested a combination system that uses a propane fueled hot water heater for space heating/cooling, water heating, and air distribution for manufactured housing. Exciting research in combined heat and power, distributed generation systems that use internal combustion engine fueled with propane for prime power to generate electricity while recovering heat for other uses. These systems can provide 5 KW to 800 KW of electricity for residences or businesses. Green Mountain Coffee participated in a demonstration project of a propane-fueled reciprocating engine combined heat and power system which provided continuous power to coffee roasting and packaging operations and captured thermal energy for water and space heating. Propane technology is being used in several applications by the agricultural community. The poultry industry uses propane flame sanitation to control pathogens, such as avian flu. The pathogens can not become resistant to the extreme heat of the propane flame. It offers an alternative to chemical cleaners. Propane fuel is used for steam weed control killing weeds from the outside in with superheated steam without damaging drip irrigation systems and it’s environmentally friendly. Steam weed control has been accepted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Organic Program as a recognized organic production practice. Tests completed on a propane fueled cotton defoliator offer a viable alternative. The cotton defoliator uses combusting propane to heat air to 380 degrees Fahrenheit and forces it through the cotton canopy. The air efficiently transfers heat to kill the leaves while preserving the cotton. Thermally treated cotton can be harvested 24 hours after application. It kills more leaf than chemical treatments and suppresses aphid and silverleaf whitefly populations. Propane is also used on the farm for grain drying. The propane fuels heated air drying systems. It is the fuel most often used because it is portable, easily stored and readily available in areas where natural gas is not. Most of the propane used in the U.S. is produced domestically. Natural gas produced by companies like, Western Pipeline Corporation, is refined into propane. The U.S. has the largest propane storage capacity in the world. Pipelines, processing facilities, refueling stations, distribution centers and storage facilities exist to support current and future demand. Advances in propane technology open up more uses for this clean-burning, environmentally friendly fuel. Bob Jent is the CEO of Western Pipeline Corporation specializes in identifying, acquiring and developing existing, producing reserves on behalf of its individual clients.

When Wireless Broadband Meets VoIP

For a long time, wireless cell phones using broadband were the only solution to communicating on the go. But a few years ago, people developed a new way to communicate with their phones and it’s called VoIP, or voice over internet protocol. Many people may have already heard of Vonage, the company that pioneered the use of VoIP, but these same people may not know what it is and how it works. People also might be wondering why it’s a lot cheaper than traditional wireless plans. VoIP is a new revolutionary way to make phone calls, sometimes for free. This new technology allows you to make phone calls through your computer and an internet connection. It uses IP addresses to connect you to whoever you’re trying to call. But voIP isn’t limited to just computer to computer phone calls. It can also make calls when someone is in reach of any wi-fi hotspot. All you need is a IP phone and a power supply. Of course, with every new technology, there will be up-sides and down-sides. When you subscribe to a service like Vonage, they will only charge you around thirty dollars a month while other cell phone companies will charge around fifty. If you download VoIP software off the internet and use it to make long distance calls, it will cost you nothing in most cases and it takes around five minutes to set it up. Now, companies are developing ways to allow people to use voIP on popular smart phones such as the Motorola Q and the Samsung Blackjack. The reason it’s so cheap is that voIP costs about a two thirds less than wireless to maintain. Placing a call using VoIP will only cost a company like Vonage one third of the cost that Cingular or T-mobile has to pay. And now that people know how to convert wireless phones to IP phones using Motorola Q accessories or Samsung Blackjack Accessories, cell phone companies are starting to lose business to VoIP providers, but new technology always has certain important disadvantages. For example, when you do not have a WI-FI signal, the phone will have no dial tone. Also, emergency calls to 911 will be a problem as well. These IP calls are untraceable so if you are unable to tell the 911 operator where you are, they won’t be able to find you. VoIP won’t be a large threat to wireless companies for a decade or two because of these problems. They are not small either and it will take companies like Cingular more than a decade to switch to this cheaper technology. Stay with your expensive wireless company for now. Natalie Aranda is a freelance writer. For a long time, wireless cell phones using broadband were the only solution to communicating on the go. But a few years ago, people developed a new way to communicate with their phones and it’s called VoIP, or voice over internet protocol. And now that people know how to convert wireless phones to IP phones using Motorola Q accessories or Samsung Blackjack Accessories , cell phone companies are starting to lose business to VoIP providers, but new technology always has certain important disadvantages.

The Rise In Popularity Of Free Street Fights On Home Video

The onset of technology is such that many simply use the high tech gadgets to video tape everything and anything that fancies their imagination. In fact young kids as young as eleven and twelve years are quite an expert in handling these equipments and the scary thing is they have such an assortment of street fight footages starting from silly and fun filled tussles to real, ugly fights and they keep stock of these fight tapes and CD s as one would collect stamps as a hobby. These street fights caught on home videos are displayed so freely and many make it a habit to collect bits here and there. It s an entertainment for them. Well there are also many smart ones collecting domestic street fights and such, ghetto street fights, bum fights and all. Not only this, thousands of clips and footages posted on the websites were all caught on home videos and available for free. Street fights are quite common. It may happen anytime and these days many simply catch the fights on their cell phones easily. And the sad thing is, they do so simply to show it to their friends, joke about it, and even give nicknames to the bruised fighters instead of helping them or reporting them to the cops. Kids especially are prone to these kinds of videos. They are not really into staged Hollywood blockbuster movies but rave about all that latest street fight that took place right near the corner of the street or caught on tape from the window of the school bus. They collect several footages of the real street fights, maybe of their sisters and aunts, fist fights of men after their vehicles collides in an accident, fight between rival coaches and such, jamming all these into one video tape, and yep, spice them up with funny titles of the fights and watch it freely with some group of friends. Although some of these free street fight home videos gets wind up in some websites reputed for collecting street fight footages. Just connect to some of these websites and there s a huge collection of home video clippings of street fights, some funny, irritating ones, some real, mean street fights during nighttime which are quite bloody actually. And yes, they are available freely on the internet and young ones (well lets not sign off the adults too) tend to imitate these street fighters and brawlers depicted so vividly and starts to behave like those displayed in clips. As such these free street fight home videos are no longer simply an entertainment but a negative influence on youngsters. There s even a confession by one of the owners of street fight websites that he gets thousands of home video fight clips but is careful about what he post on his site as some of the clippings are quite ugly and also some are from hate groups which will only reap hatred. All these street fights are freely available and is a favorite pastime for many people. brings you the 4-1-1 on insider fight club news. Fight clubs are gaining in popularity, and we want to bring you the most up to date information online! Come by today and grab our free guide \"The 411 On Fight Clubs\"! Also be sure to check out our latest information page on free street fights on home video .

Your Email Copywriting Will Send Your Business Soaring - OR - Into The Business Graveyard

Online Marketing is pretty much DOOMED without using effective, compelling copywriting. It s funny, looking in on the online marketing world. I see all this beautiful technology designed to effortlessly take a prospect to the ultimate sale. However, what good is technology, what good is all the software investment... if a business cannot seem to draw enough qualified clients and prospects? And... the problem looms even larger when there ARE qualified prospects knocking on the door! You see, what does one DO with them once they have raised their hands, have shown some form of interest? Quite simply --- weak, uncaring, sloppy email and electronic web writing, is at the heart of where most businesses, falter. And it is not as if there isn t the money to make this part of their business power along. There is plenty of money. However, it is mostly directed in the wrong place. Of course, research and development needed in ALL businesses in order to bring newness to the market. Though, what use is it if no-one gets to hear about it? And that is where the problem also exists. There are plenty business owners who feel the marketing, and especially the copywriting, is the black sheep of the family; something that should to be tended to only when needed, when it s necessary. Nothing could be further from the truth. Copywriting and Marketing is THE MOST IMPORTANT function a business can engage in. If you remove the sales messages in print, on the web, on audio, on video... the business crumbles. NOW is the time for business owners to get smart about how much profit they re leaving on the table, and that too, on a daily basis. And, should now seriously consider investing in the learning or acquiring the skills of turning mere words, into serious sales messages; turning prospects and those who are interested and curious, into ongoing, paying clients. There s a wealth of untapped potential for every market and every business category. Direct response email copywriting can turn the switch and propel a business from merely surviving, to being a super, profit making enterprise. Raja C. Hireker Raja C. Hireker is a publisher and editor of the Marketing and Life Strategies Newsletter Swinging for The Fences He has ghostwritten over 130 articles and is a Professional Self Development Coach and a sought after advertising and email copywriter. You can go to for more information. You can also reach him by fax/voicemail on 44 208 764 1085, or by email on He lives in London, UK. For FREE Email Copywriting Course, send blank email to .

Laptop Data Recovery Explained

Some things in life are just unwanted, but still, can happen to anyone of us. A thing like this is loosing your data from your laptop hard drive, we don t want it, but can happen. All our important information got wiped out in a second, all of it. You can go to your tech friend or even to a computer store to ask what you can do about it but you will probably receive an answer that you can t do anything with it. We can prevent this by backing up all our information from the laptop hard drive in time but sometimes we just don t think about it and the worst will happen. We know it s our fault for not backing up the files. The good news is that now, we can investigate and research some data recovery companies and ask them for help. The process for data recovery from laptop hard drives is usually more successful then normal desktop hard drives, that s good news also. This is because laptop hard drives were always built for mobility and are designed in such way to prevent severe hard drive crashes. The heads on a laptop hard drive are not likely to touch the platters, this can happen mostly on normal desktop hard drives. Because of this, the process of data recovery from laptop hard drives has a higher success rate compared with desktop hard drives. Even if it has a higher success rate, the process is still difficult and expensive if done by an individual. If you would think about opening it up you will have to make sure to open it in a class 100 clean room. Bad news is that such a room costs about $50000 - $70000. Your best pick is to find a company that can handle the process for you for a cost. If you don t want to remove the hard drive from the laptop yourself, most companies will do this for you with no extra cost, you will be able to send them the full system. Also, most companies will not charge you if they will not be able to recover your data after the data recovery process. Any type of data lost is something nobody needs or want, if data lost happen for your laptop hard drive is good to know that the odds are in your favor. Take some time to research for a good company and with some money you will be able to get your data back soon. After this, make sure to always back up all your data. For Laptop Data Recovery

Virtual Call Center To Solve Outsourcing Issues

The trend of outsourcing inbound and outbound contact centers the past few years have become a billion dollar industry, the main issue here however are the growing acceptance by companies to move their outsourced contact center offshore. The large numbers of Filipino English speaking personnel, Indian technical expertise, and very low cost Chinese labor have proven to be a worthwhile management decision for a lot of industries. There is no need to discuss the advantages of outsourcing contact centers when even the government itself has begun outsourcing a lot of their public service lines to outsourcing companies. The main discussion right now is how to manage the cost of the outsourcing business on the technology side in the meantime maintain the level of quality control level on the personnel side. Outsourcing companies normally have technologies geared toward achieving this goal. The price for telecommunication hardware and equipment has been the main financial concern of most contact centers especially the outsourced ones. There are also issues of connectivity, IPL reliability, and proximity to skilled workers. Positioning contact centers to highly skilled areas reduce the impact of having cheap labor by having additional costs on office maintenance and salary competitiveness. If such a technology where a contact center queue can be routed to anywhere in the world at anytime even to a mobile phone, will it solve issues. To some it will. If such a technology exists and in spite of having agents work remotely from a contact center itself, will it resolve such issues? Maybe it does. If the technology still allows you to manage your agent’s skill routings, live queue management, live quality control monitoring and call recording? Will that reduce the loss of quality control? Probably. If the extra budget due to the reduction of sophisticated hardware and brick and mortar office are spent on US quality voice and not VoIP IPLs? Will that make the phone quality better? Most likely. In the end, the virtual contact center technology has created as much questions as it has answered. It has solved a lot of problems yet created new ones. But aren’t these factors the same issues when outsourcing is still an infant? Aren’t these the same concerns when a company decides to go virtual? History has proven that it may not be for everyone, but if it’s for you. The impact to your business is enormous. The technology is already here. It is ready, It can do inbound and outbound from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. Monitor and manage real time anywhere in the world. The real question is. Would your business model benefit from having such technology on your side? I guess it would. Carlo Caparras is currently a marketing consultant for several ISP’s, webhosting, web development, web-services, outsourcing, colocation, and telecommunication companies including toll free express ( )

VoIP - Simply a Superb Technology

Revolutionising the system of voice communication, VoIP has emerged as a smooth and cheap way of telephony now. It is a technology that allows you to make international calls at a much lower rate in comparison to the other traditional means of communication. In order to avail the benefits of this technology, all you need to have is a PC, an Internet connection and a few other minor accessories. Apart from making calls at a lower rate, you can do a number of other things with VoIP. It will facilitate you to build an in-house phone network for your office. You can even create a world-wide network with your distant business partners. This technology can further be used to stay connected with others while on the move. It will necessitate proper equipment like a mobile satellite Internet connection. Another great thing about VoIP technology is that you can make and receive phone calls through it, without disturbing your normal Internet browsing. Most of the networks that use this technology ensure that all incoming phone calls come automatically to your phone through the computer which you are using, no matter where you are. This means you will not miss personal calls at work and you will not miss business calls at home. Like any other technology, VoIP also has its share of disadvantages. It can cause you a headache if you do not have a good set up. Another disadvantage that many users report is that they experience \"echo\" when making and receiving calls. However, experts say much of this problem depends upon the user. Another potential disadvantage is that there can be a slight lag at the beginning of the conversation. The last problem that VoIP users may face is that it operates through the Internet. This means that if you get out of Internet service for power-cut or any other reason, you will not have phone access until the service is restored. Minus all these minor issues, VoIP can be a superb means of communication. Dennis Jaylon is a renowned business writer who has years of experience in writing technical reviews, product descriptions and product feature analysis of technical gadgets and gizmos. He has won appreciation especially for enlightening people about the latest communication gizmos...the VoIP

Digital TV Technology

It’s official now, folks, the irrevocable transition from analog to digital television is set in stone or at least in the legal language of a specific bill. President Bush recently signed a law that makes February 17th, 2009 as the last date that TV stations are permitted to air an analog signal. In a nod to something that might be called “no TV left behind”, the same bill that sets February 17th as the target date also allocates 1.5 billion of your tax dollars to help purchase digital to analog boxes, saving millions of those analog TV’s from an early grave. That gives everyone about 3 years until this law goes into effect. The U.S. is switching to Digital TV and HDTV (High Definition Television) at the same time. Some other countries in the world are switching to HD, but they are currently broadcasting those signals in analog, not digital.This enactment has been called the largest industrial mandate in the history of the United States. Certainly, there is guaranteed money to be made by companies building and designing the digital to analog converters. The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) seemed to enjoy the fact that the cable companies were unable to prevent the HDTV (High Definition Television) broadcasting of local channels, so that viewers can view them with an antenna on the HDTV itself, in the attic, or on the rooftop. Not only is there a new market in digital to analog converters, but industry analysts foresee the sales of integrated Digital Television sets rising to over 18 units this year. An integrated Digital Television just means that the tuner and display are housed together. It is possible to buy a DTV Monitor, which is an analog television that needs digital tuner in some form, to display the digital signal. You will find these tuners in various units, from a cable box, an over the air tuner, and a satellite receiver. Of course, all digital signals are not high-def, but all HD signals are digital. The SD (Standard Definition) TV signal will be better than the old analog signal, and it will no longer have the analog artifacts of snow and ghost like images. SD will not offer the life-like clarity of HDTV; you will still need the HD television and the specific programming in High-Def for the sharpest, clearest pictures imaginable. By some measurements, the picture is about five times sharper than a good analog set of today. The sound with Digital Television will also be improved. Consumers have said that the digital sounds seem to envelope them and come from many directions, not just, from the speakers on the television. As our television habits evolve, things were bound to become digital. The digital signal is cleaner, and is more easily compressed, allowing for the broadcast of more information. The improved quality of video and sound are reasons enough begin the first part of this century as a digital republic. A leader in technology reporting, Julia Hall has published articles about the latest digital devices and gadgets for over ten years. After graduating from MIT with a degree in electrical engineering, Julia turned down huge salaries from some of the most recognized fortune 500 companies in the world to pursue her dream of becoming a leading consumer advocate. Julia uses her expertise to cut through the too good to be true deals offered by high tech companies to reveal the real steals and the real duds that we re bombarded with daily. If you enjoy staying on the cutting edge of technology , whether for business or pleasure, but find yourself occasionally confused by the overwhelming information out there let Julia be your guide.

HDMI or Component: Which is Best?

HDMI or Component: Which is Best? You ve just bought a new HDTV, complete with HDMI connector and are delighted that you had the foresight to buy a DVD player with HDMI interface a while ago, even though you couldn t use HDMI at the time. So you can ignore those component outputs and inputs and plug an HDMI cable between your two favourite bits of home theater kit. After all, HDMI, being all digital, is bound to be better than component, isn t it? Well, no, actually. Not necessarily. It s true that convering a DVD signal to analog, sending it over component video and then switching it back to digital in the TV will result in a slight degradation of picture quality. And it s true that HDMI removes this issue. However, the degradation in the signal over component is virtually imperceptable and HDMI does introduce a few problems of its own. Firstly, although DVD players \"up-convert\" video from 420p resolution to the native resolution of the HDTV (720p or 1080i), the signal still has to be \"re-clocked\" in the television before it is displayed. Some experts suggest that this re-clocking introduces more artefacts than the process of digital-to-analog-to-digital conversion. And the quality of the processor in the DVD player doing the \"up- converting\" is important here, if it s not up to scratch that could have a negative impact on picture quality. Secondly, any equipment with HDMI (or DVI for that matter) connectors must support an anti-piracy measure known as HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection). This takes the form of a code which is embedded into the digital video signal when its sent from a content player, such as a DVD player, and must be de- coded by the HDTV or HD projector. This puts additional pressure on the TV s video processor with no benefit to picture quality and so could, potentially, result in a slight loss in picture quality. Using component video connections means that no anti-piracy protection is necessary. None of this means that you should avoid HDMI. However, it does mean that you shouldn t take it for granted that HDMI will always be better than component. The only way to find out which is best for your equipment is to try both and see which one you prefer. Kenny Hemphill is the editor and publisher of The HDTV Tuner - a guide to the kit, the technology and the programming on HDTV.