Saturday, January 19, 2008

Free WAV Ringtones

Technology and scientific development is making the world a better place to live in. With the onset of technology, extensive research is constantly leading to new scientific inventions. Heavy monetary investments are being made in the field of technology research. Thanks to technology, it isn’t difficult to stay connected. Technology has brought forth many inventions that make connectivity happen at the touch of a button. One of many such inventions is the cell phone. Cell phones play an important role in today’s world. Because of the demand for customized cell phone content, unique ringtones, and ringtone companies have sprung up in the past few years. Meeting customer demand is an ever-changing task that requires staying on top of new technologies and trends, but these companies meet the challenges and offer many different free ringtones. It is quite possible that any individual can get a free ringtone, as long he knows what type of free ringtone he needs. The one type of free ringtone that is almost synonymous with the word “technology” and that is the WAV ringtone. WAV is the computer file name is that is short for “wave” and is a type of audio formatting that can be stored on your personal computer. This file can then be downloaded from the computer onto your cell phone and set as a ringtone. This is one way you can have a free WAV ringtone. These WAV ringtones can also be obtained free of cost from the ringtone manufacturing companies. The output of the free WAV ringtones is best on any phone that falls into the “smart phone” category. Some of these “smart phones” include the Nokia 3650, 7650, Sony Ericsson, and also the BenQ P30. These free WAV ringtones are about 100Kb in size. Moreover, they have fade in and fade out qualities. There is a huge collection of free WAV ringtones to choose from. There are over a hundred of English free WAV ringtones and more than a fifty Chinese free WAV ringtones to select from on some Web sites. The creators of the free WAV ringtones are constantly researching and uploading new and different WAV ringtones, and ways to make it easier for the user to download them. is a website that offers visitors the ability to find free ringtones and specific information on free wav ringtones .

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