Saturday, January 19, 2008

Copywriter Wanted - 7 Traits to Look For...

You need a copywriter who specializes in your area of business. Why? Because copywriting for complex subjects requires a deeper level of knowledge than writing for simpler or broader areas. Knowledge a generalist may not have. Whom would you rather write the help files for your new software product? Or develop your marketing materials? A copywriter who specializes in technology or the generalist who doesn’t know an operating system from an operating table? The specialist of course! Not that a generalists couldn’t give you a good product, they’d just have to work at it harder. So what qualities make a good I/T Copywriter? One who has the following characteristics: Project Management: Copywriting projects for high tech industries often require somebody with superior project management skills to assemble the parts into a vibrant whole. Well-Read: Copywriters who are well read are exposed to many ideas they can draw on to get your message to your customers. Good Listener: Listening skills are critical for a copywriter. How else can the copywriter learn enough about your desires to communicate your message? Deadline-Oriented: Let’s face it; a copywriter who can’t meet deadlines is not an asset to your business. Good Communicator: A copywriter’s ability to communicate is as important as his ability to listen. Isn’t listening the first part of communicating? Technical Savvy: Writing copy for technical subjects requires a copywriter who understands technology. Computer software, telecommunications and other aspects of technology require a certain level of understanding to translate features into customer benefits. Relationship Enabling: No matter how great your copywriter is, if you can’t get along with him, he’s worthless to you. Building a business is about building relationships. Do these qualities describe your copywriter? Here’s an exercise for you. Take out a pen and paper and write a list of the qualities you want your copywriter to have. Now go out and interview copywriters until you find one that matches your ideal. You’ll be developing a long term relationship with this freelance professional, so take the time to find the right one! *** Parrott Writing Services, a San Antonio Texas company specializing in web copywriting, ghostwriting, website content and optimization, online/offline ad copy and technical writing to small businesses. Get your FREE copy of the eBook Computer Security for SOHO Networks:

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