Saturday, January 19, 2008

Robotics Disussion Questions - What Is Robotics

Robotics, put simply, is the use of electrical components to move mechanical components. The key components of robots are their ability to perform repetitive tasks in a precise manner. There are many example of robotics use today, in toys and industry. Their function determines their appearance. For example, a robot that was designed for wielding car parts would not need arms and legs. We can classify robots into two categories â€" industrial and domestic. Where are robots used? Another one of those robotics discussion questions. Industrial robots There are many robots in industry today doing jobs too repetitive or too dangerous for a human to do. These include continuous welding for steel pipes, welding car components in an assembly line, bomb disposal, and clearing of toxic waste to name a few. Domestic robots Many people want a robot that is bipedal, can walk and talk, as well as look human. We are rapidly advancing on this with the bipedal robots from Honda, Sony, and other Japanese companies with RandD in electronics. We aren’t quite at that stage yet, but here are a few robot toys that are showing us that with a bit more development, we can build our ‘dream robot’ Furby Who can forget the fluffball of fun? When first released in 1998, it revolutionised toys with its ability to interact with its ‘owners’ with speech and automated movement. Aibo Aibo is the robotic pet dog created by Sony Corp. While most people see Aibo as an interactive toy, it is in essence a robot, as it is controlled by a computer chip. Aibo is also used for research into artificial intelligence as it is cheaper than conventional research robots. For more information, please visit

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