Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Rise In Popularity Of Free Street Fights On Home Video

The onset of technology is such that many simply use the high tech gadgets to video tape everything and anything that fancies their imagination. In fact young kids as young as eleven and twelve years are quite an expert in handling these equipments and the scary thing is they have such an assortment of street fight footages starting from silly and fun filled tussles to real, ugly fights and they keep stock of these fight tapes and CD s as one would collect stamps as a hobby. These street fights caught on home videos are displayed so freely and many make it a habit to collect bits here and there. It s an entertainment for them. Well there are also many smart ones collecting domestic street fights and such, ghetto street fights, bum fights and all. Not only this, thousands of clips and footages posted on the websites were all caught on home videos and available for free. Street fights are quite common. It may happen anytime and these days many simply catch the fights on their cell phones easily. And the sad thing is, they do so simply to show it to their friends, joke about it, and even give nicknames to the bruised fighters instead of helping them or reporting them to the cops. Kids especially are prone to these kinds of videos. They are not really into staged Hollywood blockbuster movies but rave about all that latest street fight that took place right near the corner of the street or caught on tape from the window of the school bus. They collect several footages of the real street fights, maybe of their sisters and aunts, fist fights of men after their vehicles collides in an accident, fight between rival coaches and such, jamming all these into one video tape, and yep, spice them up with funny titles of the fights and watch it freely with some group of friends. Although some of these free street fight home videos gets wind up in some websites reputed for collecting street fight footages. Just connect to some of these websites and there s a huge collection of home video clippings of street fights, some funny, irritating ones, some real, mean street fights during nighttime which are quite bloody actually. And yes, they are available freely on the internet and young ones (well lets not sign off the adults too) tend to imitate these street fighters and brawlers depicted so vividly and starts to behave like those displayed in clips. As such these free street fight home videos are no longer simply an entertainment but a negative influence on youngsters. There s even a confession by one of the owners of street fight websites that he gets thousands of home video fight clips but is careful about what he post on his site as some of the clippings are quite ugly and also some are from hate groups which will only reap hatred. All these street fights are freely available and is a favorite pastime for many people. brings you the 4-1-1 on insider fight club news. Fight clubs are gaining in popularity, and we want to bring you the most up to date information online! Come by today and grab our free guide \"The 411 On Fight Clubs\"! Also be sure to check out our latest information page on free street fights on home video .

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