Saturday, January 19, 2008

Peek Vid vs Movielink Online

The internet free movie war is on! Which side will you be on? Free movie sites are popping up around the internet and one has received a great deal of publicity. The name of this easily constructed site is Peek vid. Apparently Peek vid is run by a woman in Canada (not sure if this is true). Peek vid offers a long list of free movies to watch and they are not the only site offering free movies online. I reveal my \"secret\" free movie list on my movie review website. Most young people are familiar with Peek vid and word of mouth spreads fast on the internet, like maggots on a dead animal carcass. Movielink and CinemaNow have jumped into the free movie online game. Both sites have a small selection of free movies, but will build their lists as time goes on. Peek vid is amassing online traffic at a staggering rate, that would make other movie sites swear like drunken sailors, on a hot Saturday night(girl not included). I am impressed with how Peek vid has listed their movies in alphabetical order and with the exception of getting on my last nerve with pop-ups (Britney Spears/Jessica Simpson) the site is easy to navigate. On a side note Britney Spears new bald look, reminds me of a girl who survived a nuclear fallout. Hey! Maybe she could start acting on the new TV show \"Jericho\". On my site I list two free movie watching sites, which do not have annoying pop-ups! Firefox is great for knocking out most of the pop-ups, but some sites have a pop-up shooter that will leave you crying in the dark for mommy! Movielink is the ultimate video on demand service, where you can rent or purchase your movies online in three shakes of a lamb s tail. Movielink offers you legal movie downloads from Universal Studios, MGM, and Sony Pictures Entertainment(to name a few). Movielink gives you a plethora of movies from such well-known studios, as Buena Vista Pictures(including Miramax) and Twentieth Century Fox. I strongly support CinemaNow and Movielink, because you cannot beat their amazing picture quality and they have a great deal of money invested in their movie viewing software! The movies are only available to users in the United States. CinemaNow has exploded into the burn to DVD market. Both Movielink and CinemaNow are legal movie download sites and they are playing at the top of their game! They have technology that will only get better with the financial power support of their joint partners. Movielink may not have the list of movies Peek vid does, but you will get better picture clarity with Movielink. Although Peek vid does have some movies with good picture quality. The controversy stirring around Peek vid and other free movie online sites, is the legality issues. The free movie sites, including Peek vid state that they are not hosting the videos, but only allowing the visitor to watch a free movie hosted by another online video site. Technically, they make a good point and only time will tell, whether or not they survive. In the mean time, I will list these sites and watch for the spine tingling conclusions! What would Spiderman do? So plug yourself into the computer \"MATRIX\" like Neo(Keanu Reeves) and get ready for the free movie watching ride of your life! Will you choose Movielink or Peek vid? Will you take the green pill or the red one? The choice is yours! So follow the white rabbit and always wear a raincoat. DeWayne H. Strickland has been a Film Freak since the time he could walk and he is a crazy movie review critic. Learn how you can \"Watch Free Movies Online\" at:

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