Saturday, January 19, 2008

How to Make Hair Grow Faster

When it comes to hair care, one of the most asked questions is how to make hair grow faster. People want to know how to grow their hair from very short to long quickly. The simple answer to this question is that you cannot make your hair grow faster. There is no magic quick fix that will make hair grow faster. The average growth rate on most people is half an inch per month or a maximum of six inches a year. Having said that, you should keep in mind that there are some things that can boost the growing potential of your hair. There are some things that will help you grow strong and healthy hair. Tips on how to have healthy hair - Use a mild shampoo specifically designed for your hair type. - Use a conditioner after every shampoo specifically designed for your hair type. - Get regular trims in order to get rid of split ends. - Avoid use of hot water and hot blow dryers. - Take vitamins and minerals including B-6, biotin, Inositol, folic acid, beta-carotene, magnesium, sulfur, silica and zinc. - Because hair is protein your diet must include protein-rich foods that can lead to improved hair growth. - Get rid of or reduce smoking and caffeine. - Get plenty of sleep so your body can grow your hair. There are also certain things that can slow down hair growth, such as excessive stress, illness, some medications, poor hair care regimen, poor diet, and male and female pattern hair loss. This article would not be complete without mentioning a technological breakthrough designed to fulfill your desire for thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. This innovative technology is so revolutionary that is currently undergoing clinical testing at a United States Medical Institution, and has international patents waiting. If you want to learn more about this new technology that will improve the growing potential of your hair click here: stimulate hair growth .

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