Saturday, January 19, 2008

Medical Robots

Medical robots are one of the most helpful applications of robots. They are used in various medical practices, including difficult and precise surgical procedures. They are also used to assist patients in recovery and in the performance of routine tasks for patient care. Medical robots have computer-integrated technology and are comprised of complicated programming languages, controllers, and advanced sensors. They also possess powerful control units, a programming terminal, and process-oriented software for various medical applications. Medical robots are used for training surgeons and providing in-depth knowledge to students. These robots provide standardized operation, which reduces the time required to perform any medical operation. They provide positional certainty and confined movement, which can lead to improved post-operative outcomes. The major potential advantages of medical robots are precision and miniaturization in medical operations. Further advantages are articulation beyond normal manipulation and three-dimensional magnification. Doctors can view the patient, ask questions, read patient records, view X-rays, and test results using these robots. Although the robot does not physically examine the patient it, allows face-to-face contact between the doctor and patient with the help of a screen attached to it. They are also used inward rounds when doctors are away from patients, which allow patients to establish direct contact with doctors. Research is going on in the field of medical robotics that will create new robotic technologies and benefit the healthcare industry. The use of WiFi technology in the medical robots allows a medical expert to visually examine and communicate with a patient from anywhere in the world. There are many doctors, who are using medical robotic technologies in their regular clinical practice. Doctors believe that it is a revolutionary concept, which opens new avenues for telemedicine research and integrates technology with healthcare while establishing necessary interface between patients, clinicians, and teaching staff. Robots provides detailed information on Robots, Robots Air Travel Finder, Industrial Robots, Used Robots and more. Robots is affiliated with Computer Forensics Consulting .

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